We have been chosen for ministry, or so it appears. We have been in all sorts of different ministry roles, both together and apart from each other. Pastoring, mentoring, leading groups, establishing ministries, missions, outreach, teaching, Sunday school, youth groups, international missions, and countless other activities and projects that have come across our paths over the years.

Currently, Bill is a solo pastor at a small church and on the side he is a substitute teacher and a youth leader at another church. He loves being a pastor and is challenged, but would not be doing anything else.

Molly loves missions, especially internationally, but is currently leading the women’s group and children’s church groups at the church where we are serving.

We are blessed and humbled to be able to work together, we have prayed for that opportunity for a long time and are thankful to be able to do it. Some married couples cannot work together, but we always have and love it. Of course, we have different responsibilities and that helps to keep us from stepping on each others toes. 🙂

We have so many stories to tell and so many things that we wish we were told before we started in ministry. We are still getting our feet wet, but love the challenge and blessing of ministry. We love to serve people and we love to serve our Lord and are humbled that he has work that he has cut out for us to do. We want to share with you some insights and lessons that we are learning as we go along in the hopes so keep checking back to see what new things are happening here! Ministry is an adventure and there is never a dull moment but it is so worth it.


Please leave some thoughts, I would love to hear from you.

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