We are writing a blog…

blog image dirt road

We have done many things together over the years, fun things, difficult things, embarrassing things, adventurous things…but one thing that we have not done is publish anything together. We have both had a desire, of some sort or another, to write. Those desires differed and have changed over the years, but there was a constant desire in the back of our minds. This blog is a product of that desire and is an attempt at putting to words some of the experiences of our life.

We are new to the blog-sphere and we hope that we what we write will be an encouragement or inspiration to our readers, but more than that, we pray that Christ will be known here and that He will be honored in our humble attempts at understanding the life He has given.

We would love your feed back and thoughts and we are thankful for those of you who are reading this. Please stay in contact as we work on fine-tuning this process and site.


Please leave some thoughts, I would love to hear from you.

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