Our journey to fostering (so far…)

We have two biological children and they are amazing. Why would we choose to pursue fostering and adoption? We have been asked this several times already, even though we have just finished the licencing process and have not had any children placed in our home yet.

How can we not choose this?

After the birth of Eden, I was tired. We had two children in two years, were finishing grad school, and were planning a long term move to India. We decided that two was enough for us and that if we were to expand our family it would be through adoption. I have wanted to adopt long before I was married and Bill started having that as an option in the back of his mind as well.

Why should we continue to have children of our own when there were children all over the world and across the street who do not have a family?

We did not feel right about having more children when there were children without homes around the world and in our own cities. It would be nice to have another baby and to be able to name them and see who they looked like and who they take on after, and if the Lord blessed us with a pregnancy, we would be thrilled. I know several families that have a lot of biological children and I am very happy for them. Fostering and adoption is not for everyone and that is okay. God has a heart for the orphan and the broken of this world and somehow we sensed that He was going to lead us down that path at some point.

When we moved to India we looked into options for adopting, but our stay was shorter than we anticipated and adopting from India is extremely difficult especially for a foreigner (if you would like more information as to why this is I can pull out my soapbox later). We returned to the States weary and overwhelmed with the needs of our son who needed speech, occupational, and physical therapy and a ‘diagnosis’ that changed with everyone we talked to. At this point, adoption was just not possible, and frankly, we could not imagine having another child.

Fast forward four years and the desire for more children and a heart for orphans has gradually increased again, and we feel the Lord leading us to move forward. We decided to go through the foster care system through the state and started the process in August. The paperwork process is daunting but doable and the classes and meetings have kept us busy, but it is October and we are licensed already. It is a lot of work, but having biological children was a lot of work as well. We worried and prayed and processed. We bought stuff not knowing what we needed or what to expect.

Now, when we see a movie that has an adoption theme, or talk with someone who has adopted or fostered, or even hear a song about adoption and the need worldwide, we are convinced more than ever that there is a child, or children, that the Lord wants to place in this family and that He is preparing them, and us, even now for what will happen next. There have been times when we have questioned our sanity, but it seems that those are the times that the Lord gently tells us that He is in control still and will walk with us through this.

We do not know what to expect, but we know that God does and we rest in His timing and plan. In the mean time, we jump when the phone rings and the kiddos often come home from school and wonder where the new boy and girl are (they don’t quite understand how this works, but we love their enthusiasm). Please keep checking in on us and we will keep posting about what this process is like and how things are going. Thank you for walking this journey with us.


We are writing a blog…

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We have done many things together over the years, fun things, difficult things, embarrassing things, adventurous things…but one thing that we have not done is publish anything together. We have both had a desire, of some sort or another, to write. Those desires differed and have changed over the years, but there was a constant desire in the back of our minds. This blog is a product of that desire and is an attempt at putting to words some of the experiences of our life.

We are new to the blog-sphere and we hope that we what we write will be an encouragement or inspiration to our readers, but more than that, we pray that Christ will be known here and that He will be honored in our humble attempts at understanding the life He has given.

We would love your feed back and thoughts and we are thankful for those of you who are reading this. Please stay in contact as we work on fine-tuning this process and site.